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2015-16 deliverables

  • IMS-Based Services: Technical and Commercial Analysis of International Interconnection and Roaming Services (Release 2.0) : i3forum`s perspective on IMS services development, focusing on the role of and the impact on the International Carriers
  • Interconnection & Roaming IMS Signaling Profile (Release 3.0) : this specification defines a signaling profile for a Network to Network Interface (NNI)


  • After the 2nd deliverable (2016) on technical and commercial analysis on IMS it is proposed to focus on the interconnection use cases such as IMS hubbing, both for fixed and mobile (VoLTE) traffic, for transit and roaming services. ViLTE should be considered in a subsequent phase following the development in the Service Providers’ networks whereas RCS should consider the existing GSMA/Google cooperation for an universal profile and the Google/Jibe offering to Service Providers for hosting and hubbing.


  • Release of a set of deliverables aiming to promote and facilitate the in-field implementation by Service providers and Int. Carriers of IMS (fixed and mobile) services, possibly with GSMA. It is proposed to split the existing IMS document rel. 2 in 3 devoted to business, technical and IMS uses cases with an emphasis on Services :
    • IMS Business Models and related applications (Comm. oriented document): focusing on business models and the commercial/business part of VoLTE hubbing; VoLTE roaming, impact on billing of multiple IMS services (based on IMS Rel.2 doc. Sec. 6 plus others subsections to be extented)
    • IMS interface (Tech oriented document): focusing on the specification of the interlace and protocols across an IMS interface between SP and IPX Provider and between two IPX Providers. (based on IMS doc Rel.2 Sec. 5 Arch. + Sec. 7 Signalling + Sec. 8 Codecs + Sec. 10 Security including the Service Configuration material already discussed in past year)
    • IMS Use Cases (Tech/Operational oriented document): focusing on the discussion of different interconnection scenarios between IMS networks and between IMS and legacy network, discussing addressing/routing issues, QoS Monitoring, VoWifi, VolTE Hubbing and Roaming. Relationship of IMS services and related platforms of OTT providers should also be addressed. In this respect the interconnection with WebRTC-based platforms should be considered.

Related fora

GSMA WG WAS and Network 2020 ; 3GPP

Expertise required

Mainly senior members of Network Technology/Architecture and Product Development Depts. with a deep knowledge of the IMS related business and/or technical impacts

Way of working

4-5 physical meeting and 6-7 conference call

Target date

Release of deliverables every 9 / 12 months.

Provisional target date: APRIL 2017. The time schedule could change depending on possible joint GSMA / i3f objectives


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