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2019-20 deliverables

No document published, on-going exploratory work


The GSMA is working to establish common capabilities among mobile operators to enable a network that supports value creation for all stakeholders. These capabilities include security, billing and charging and device management, all of which can enhance the Internet of Things by enabling the development of new services. Through the provision of these value added services, operators can move beyond connectivity and act as a trusted partner for their customers. Operator capabilities need to be tailored for the emergent M2M business model, building a trusted infrastructure that all stakeholders can rely on – and profit from. To be noted : IoT is part of GSMA focus in networks 2020.

i3forum’s role

Explosion of connected objects might have impacts on Carriers interconnect and roaming both on technical side and business one. i3forum as Carrier’s forum should work on this topic in liaison with GSMA in order to prepare future interconnect networks specifications and avoid having to close the gap once everything is decided on retail side.

Scope & objectives

  • Deliver a Whitepaper on IoT that covers the below, based on the knowledge of the members, presentation of Vendors, papers from the IoT industry including the GSMA.
    • Analyze the IoT ecosystem and players: Customers (end-users and enterprises), Devices, Service Providers, Connectivity Providers and International Carriers.
    • Identifies the various issues raised in the international telecommunications market due the explosion of IoT, and the impact on the players.
    • Analyze the impact of IoT to International Carriers for the existing services used as Data Roaming, Messasing, Signalling, etc, and new services that Carriers can develop in the Transport, Application and Security Layer.
      • Challenges and opportunities of IoT to Carriers : impact on existing services e.g. Data Roaming, Messaging, Signaling… ; new Carrier services for Transport, Application and Security Layer…)
      • Business Models for interconnect and roaming
      • Network interconnection (LoRa, wifi, mobile, bluetooth, Lte-U,…) ; impact of moving from connected users to connected things.
      • Technical specifications
      • Best practices and experience sharing
    • Analyze the impact of IoT in the Enterprise market

Expertise required

Mainly senior members of Product Development and innovation. with a deep knowledge of the IoT related business and/or technical impacts.

Way of working

Physical meeting (2) and conference call (4)

Target date for completion



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