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2015-16 deliverables

Surveys results and reports on Migration to IP/IPX and i3forum migration support


Many carriers are still in the process of migrating their international voice interconnections from TDM to IP and sometimes IPX. In keeping with the i3forum’s original mission, we need to make sure all take advantage of the documents and support that i3Forum makes available. We also want to track how the transition to IP/IPX is progressing and keep the community informed.


In addition, this Work Group will be working on IPX Self Certification.

  • One of the learnings from the membership survey conducted in April 2016 is that there still seems to be quite a bit of confusion in the market regarding the definition of IPX, and that seems to slow down adoption
  • Survey shows that majority of members are interest in this
  • Also, even if the i3forum’s recommendations (technical guidelines, operational best practices etc…) seem to be rather well known and used, it appears that the collective learning curve is rather slow, and that it has not got significantly easier or faster to migrate / set up a IPX interconnections.
  • In addition, from a recent meeting with GSMA’s Network 2020 team came the idea of trying to come up with a joint document for both MNOs and Carriers, that would help both parties make sure that they have the same understanding of IPX and what it takes to interconnect.

i3forum’s role

Support the transition to IP/IPX in a more efficient way.

Scope & objectives

  • Become a support permanent group, available upon request to study and analyze requests for support, proactively launch initiatives based on the results of the 2016 Survey, keep members informed about the transition to IP/IPX
  • Improve collective learning curve
  • Focus on Operational Issues, with the objective of coming up with practical solutions/recommendations. Includes updating existing i3forum Operational documents, create practical guidelines/templates for processes/projects related to IP/IPX Intercos, based on best practices


In addition, this Work Group will be working on IPX Self Certification

Develop, possibly jointly with GSMA, an i3forum (and possibly GSMA) approved “IPX self-certification tool kit” that IPX providers – and their customers – can use to :

  • clarify what their IPX offer (or requirement) is – and isn’t – against i3forum’s (and GSMA’s) definition and recommendations
  • describe key technical, operational and services features against i3forum’s (and GSMa’s) recommendations & best practices
  • add recommended implementation/operational “tools” (interconnection form, test plans, choice of options, set parameters, project templates……) cf “Interco in a box”
  • This needs to be a practical, readable document, aiming at helping all parties agree the same understanding of IPX against a well-defined and industry endorsed referential

Expertise required

Knowledge of IP/IPX interconnection , Network, Operations…

Way of working

Conference Calls or group of Carrier Regionals/Nationals meetings


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