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May 18, 2017 Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel.

i3forum's Annual Conference Live Coverage

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07:34 am Our 8th Annual Conference is officially ended.
07:33 am Thank you very much everyone! Thank you for been with us today.
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07:25 am More than education can be done... but as a first step, education is important. People generally don't know security issues that might affect them.
07:24 am There is a lot of education, maybe i3forum could help to educate. To help people to talk about security. Exchange, share thoughts.
07:22 am How do we cooperate together to make things better on security.
07:21 am The are basics on security, if we create a new group, we will not be starting from nothing.
07:20 am Discussion on creating or not a new group into i3forum for security.
07:14 am It's very difficult, to a legal question, to block a fraud call.
07:09 am Frauds and disputes of fraud are been discussed.
07:07 am An open discussion session is taking place instead of the roundtables.
06:59 am Philippe Millet takes the opportunity for closing word as it might be tight at the end of the session.
06:54 am Isabelle invite participants to go to their table and start the session of roundtable
06:50 am Isabelle Paradis presentation can be downloaded here
06:49 am
VoLTE LTE traffics
06:43 am
International traffic
06:37 am
Customer evolution
06:34 am
We have to change in the same way
06:31 am


3:20PM - Roundtable introduction
Isabelle Paradis
06:04 am Isabelle Paradis thanks everyone for this panel and invites the participants for the afternoon break in the foyer. The conference will start again at 3:20pm with roundtables in the other section of the room.
05:29 am
Clive Sawkins (UC)
05:23 am
Fraud subjects addressed
05:20 am
Robert Benlolo (Fraud)
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05:17 am
Isabelle Paradis on behalf of Enrique Wong (IoT)
05:13 am New deliverables from the IMS Work Group can be downloaded here
05:12 am
John Christian (NFV)
05:11 am
Alessandro Forcina (IMS)
05:09 am
Antonino Caridi (IPX)
04:57 am
Moderator: Isabelle Paradis (IoT)
Panelists: Alessandro Forcina (IMS), Antonino Caridi (IPX), Robert Benlolo (Fraud), Clive Sawkins (UC), John Christian (NFV)
04:54 am Isabelle Paradis walks on stage to introduce his panel and invite one by one his panelists.
04:54 am Carlos Dasilva thanks Doug Ranalli for this presentation and invites Isabelle Paradis, President, Hot telecom on stage for the i3forum panel
04:52 am
How do you move forward?
04:50 am
Signaling security, Big data analytics, Enterprise customers, M2M/IoT
04:43 am Doug Ranalli, NetNumber
Real Opportunities for Growth in Difficult Interconnect Market
Download presentation here
04:38 am
Win by saying "yes" to every customer-specific request
04:37 am
Innovates new services
04:30 am Carlos Dasilva welcome everyone back and invites Doug Ranalli, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer (i3forum Gold Sponsor) on stage
03:28 am Sometimes, even all metrics shows that your business is fine... you need to evaluate, innovate now before the point of non return.
03:14 am The challenge is how to adapt? How to re-invent ourselves?
03:13 am
The consumer market have been disrupted from some time now. The enterprise market have not been disrupted to much so far but should be the next big disruption that our industry will face.
03:03 am Innovation... starts with employees with the right attitudes.
02:59 am There a lot of resistance in the industry. Disruption is here.
02:54 am There is a lot of disruptions in our market... the speed of reaction, the ability to react are keys.
02:48 am Attitudes, skills, new skills are very important in our business. For successful business.
02:47 am Amazon is a great example of innovation with their online books, the way they introduced their online books business into their business.
02:46 am Where do we have to, what do we have to or can change? Question asked to Pr. McDonald.
02:39 am
Moderator: Andreas Hipp
02:37 am Our Panelists: Doug Ranalli, Christian Michaud, Carlos Dasilva, Rory McDonald, Stephan Schroeder, Eduardo Guardincerri
02:35 am
Intro presentation about innovation in the Telecommunications industry over the years and the challenges we faced and continue to face. Summary of the status quo of our industry as a result of revolutionary changes over the past 10 years from non incumbent players.
02:32 am Andreas Hipp walks on stage to introduce his panel and invite one by one his panelists.
02:31 am


Panel 1 - Vision for Industry Transformation through Disruptive innovation
02:31 am The conference will start again shortly.
01:56 am MORNING BREAK, we reconvene at 11:30am CST
01:54 am Keynote from Professor Rory McDonald just ended
01:46 am
Great Keynote from Professor Rory McDonald
01:17 am Professor Rory McDonald is still undergoing. For your information, Pr. McDonald presentation cannot be published.
00:45 am


Professor Rory McDonald, Professor of Business Administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard University
Keynote presentation: Creating new growth through disruptive innovation
00:43 am Professor McDonald teaches on disruptive innovation and building a sustainable enterprise and focuses on how firms compete and innovate effectively in new technology-enabled markets.
00:35 am
Professor Rory McDonald
00:33 am Keynote presentation: Creating new growth through disruptive innovation
00:32 am Philippe Millet introduces Professor Rory McDonald, Professor of Business Administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard University on stage
00:31 am Philippe Millet, i3forum chairman presentation can be download here
00:23 am Six active Working Groups, 300+ contributors
00:21 am
i3forum one year after incorporation
00:20 am
Welcome address - New i3forum announcement
00:17 am Carlos Dasilva introduces and invites Philippe Millet, i3forum chairman, on stage for the opening statement
00:17 am M. Dasilva provide a brief overview of the day's agenda
00:16 am


Carlos Dasilva, PCCW GLOBAL
00:04 am The conference will be starting in few minutes...
23:39 pm
The conference is starting is 20 minutes
23:25 pm Good morning everyone.