Mission & Vision

The i3forum is a not-for-profit, membership funded forum. It is not a standardization body. It works closely with other Industry organizations, avoiding duplication of work and focusing on actionable practical recommendations and solutions for the Int’l Carriers industry.

The i3forum’s approach is open, simple and pragmatic. Our recommendations and analysis are made public when finalized. Please check out the Resources section to access our public documents.

The i3forum values the diversity of its membership. It strives to take an unbiased, holistic approach – factoring in the multiple technical, operational, business angles from the perspective of the various types of stakeholders.

The i3forum’s initial focus on expediting the international telecommunication’s industry transition to IP has subsequently been broadened. Its mission now is to act as an enabler and a catalyst for industry transformation. The i3forum’s approach is open, simple and pragmatic.

The i3forum aims to :

  • Represent : the views of the International Carrier Ecosystem
  • Bring together : focus on topics that require joint work and collaboration across the Ecosystem
  • Transform : enable and facilitate the role of carriers in the timely emergence of new ecosystems, and new technical, operational and commercial models
  • Guide : publish recommendations for industry Stakeholders
  • Share : foster cooperation and sharing of best practices between industry stakeholders
  • Educate : contribute to the industry learning on these topics
  • Inform : provide market research, case studies, position papers…

A unique organization :

  • only forum that provides an overarching, global view of the industry across multiple markets and services, from multiple angles (technology, business, operations…).
  • lean, highly efficient “platform” for discussing, learning and delivering practical results for the benefit of all stakeholders in the industry
  • what we do isn’t academic, our contributors are the people who make it happen

What we are good at :

  • promote & accelerate the transition to new ecosystems in the carrier industry, for the benefit of all, and innovations – with tangible results. We’re on the implementation end of things!
  • foster cooperation and sharing of best practices between industry stakeholders
  • identify new common challenges & opportunities and work together to address them in ways that will work for everyone
  • represent our views on some major topics (e.g. Fight against Fraud…)