The i3forum is incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA. It is governed by several documents that can be accessed here : Bylaws, IPR and Antitrust policies, Work Group’s Procedures


The i3forum welcomes various categories of members from the International Telecommunications ecosystem :

  • International Carriers : telecom operators selling international wholesale (B2B) services : voice termination, IP transit, SMS & MMS termination, roaming services, signaling, managed and unmanaged data transport…
  • Other Telecom Operators including Service Providers, OTTs…
  • Vendors : network equipment, IT, services (e.g. hosting, clearing house, testing) …
  • Other partners : Institutions, Industry organizations, Media partners and analysts, Individuals… Such organizations can only be Partners.

The following Membership Tiers are be available :

  • Board Member (elected by and among Full Members) – Board elects a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary.
  • Full Member – can contribute and vote. Can be elected as Chair of Working Group and as Board Member
  • Observer Member – can attend Work Groups but not eligible to WG Chair or Board, and no voting rights
  • Partners: similar to Observer Member but reserved and mandatory Tiers for members that are not Int’l Carriers, Operators or Vendors

Annual Membership Dues as of May 2016 :

  • Board members : 15,000 USD.
  • Full members : 10,000 USD
  • Observer members : 7,000 USD
  • Partners : free (reserved for Institutions, Industry organizations, Media partners and analysts, Individuals…)




  • elected among and by Full Members ; two years mandate (renewable)
  • made up of 2/3 Int’l Carriers, 1/3 other categories ; renewed in part every year
  • Board seat belongs to Member company, not individual
  • Board “adder fee” (if elected) on top of Full Membership fee
  • voting by simple majority
  • the i3forum Board is a working board, involved in operations
  • approves new i3forum Members, responsible for on-boarding/mentoring
  • approves new Working Groups and Support Groups, secures commitment from participants to provide adequate resources and leadership to Work Groups. Provides guidance & arbitration as required. Approves deliverables
  • responsible for the work plan, marketing plan
  • owns the i3forum’s budget, resources (collection, approval) and procurement
  • owns the Communication Plan (internal and external) and partnership program
  • owns the i3forum’s Bylaws, Policies & Processes

Working Groups

  • creation and set-up is approved by the Board.
  • Working Groups Chairs report to the Board. They are invited to present to the Board meetings, but are not Board members by right
  • create their own Terms of Reference, to be approved by the Board
  • contribute to i3forum’s work plan. Release deliverables on a yearly basis if possible. Board approves all Deliverables

Support Groups (internal i3forum support)

  • serve as coordinators/experts/advisors to Board and/or Work Groups : Technical, Marketing/Communication, Strategy & Program, Partnerships etc.
  • governance similar to Working Groups
  • Advisory only – no governance power