Members of the i3forum participate in work groups directly reporting to the Board, that are created based on membership input, industry insight and Board priorities.

Our roadmap focuses on topics that require industry collaboration and is updated on an annual basis and discussed at our Annual Conference held in May in conjunction with ITW.

Work Groups agree their own objectives, timeline and organization for each work cycle which run from September to May. They generally strive to make public new documents (or updates) in time for the Annual Conference.

All are welcome to contribute to our roadmap, please contact the i3forum with any question or suggestion you might have.

Six Work Groups are currently up and running : Fight against Fraud, Transition to IP/IPX, IMS, NFV, APIs, Internet of Things.

In addition we are launching two additional Work Groups on Unified Communications, IPX Self Certification and WiFi Calling / Roaming as well as a Strategic Advisory Committee for session-based services.

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