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  • Informal discussion with i3f Interim Board in late 2015 / early 2016
  • Meeting with GSMA Network 2020 team
  • Scope: definition, analysis and positioning of session based services including mobile services covering the existing voice and signaling services and new multimedia services (e.g. VoLTE/ViLTE and RCS). In this scenario the evolution of FNOs/MNOs services and platforms is a primary area of analysis as well as the OTT Provider policies in the described areas. Vendors’ products/solutions to implement the mentioned network/services are also subject of study.


Describe the possible roadmap an International Carrier could follow for interconnect and roaming up to year 2020 considering:

  • Services evolution and the relationship with OTT Providers;
  • Business models evolution considering both the existing ones and possible new raising ones [Capacity/Volume based?]
  • Technical evolutions in both terms of network and BSS/OSS platforms
  • Potential consequences on Fraud/Spam.

While guaranteeing a smooth transition between legacy and full IP worlds. The release of guidance on business models together with a macro network architecture and related implementation roadmap is an output of this activity.

Caveat: it is NOT an objective of the document to sponsor/describe a unique path for service/network evolution. Each Int. Carrier is free to select and implement its own strategy, the specific objective of the document is describe pros & cons the various alternatives

Related fora to be considered

GSMA Net2020 and others GSMA WG as well as any other relevant organizations.

Expertise required

Knowledge at senior level of the wholesale commercial and technical issues

Additional participants

i3forum members interested in participating in this initiative are welcome to apply and will be confirmed by the Board.

Target date

Before ITW 2017


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