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With development of Full IP core networks (IMS) any kind of L2 networks could be used to maximize connectivity for the end users. I3Forum is network agnostic beyond IP and collaborate with different standard bodies involved in interconnection and roaming , as an illustration I3Forum is working jointly with WBA (Wireless Broadband Alliance) to cover the interconnection and roaming issues around wifi calling, and how to close the gap between multiple technologies and solutions.


  • Joint work with the Wireless Broadband Association (WBA) (and possibly the GSMA)
  • Explore the Carriers’ roles in WiFi Calling and WiFi Roaming scenarios – both trusted and untrusted (e.g. Hubbing, Clearinghouse etc…)
  • Some topics might be handed over to the IMS Workgroup
  • Would kick-off with a “brain storming” session with WBA members working on WiFi Calling

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