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2019-20 deliverables

No document published, on-going exploratory work.


API (Application Programming Interface) are means for applications to talk to each other over internet. They are used internally by enterprises & exposed to partners and customers for facilitating efficiencies like trouble tickets, provisioning, ordering, services etc… But, the biggest advantage of APIs for CSP & enterprises are in creation of new products & services for new revenues.

i3forum’s role

Being a forum for service providers & enterprises, I3 forum can play a pivotal role in facilitating adoption amongst members for new API economy & related rapid acceleration of benefits.

Scope & objectives

  • Focus on education, sharing of experience, dialogue between Carriers and Vendors
  • Survey membership in order to understand where they are in the adoption of APIs, evaluate which actions can be proposed to encourage/facilitate adoption by the industry (similar to IP/PIX survey last year)
  • Evangelize the utility of API in progressing Carriers & enterprises
  • Industry Group reference point for API related plans and information exchange via support group

Expertise required

Mainly members of Product Development and/or IT Depts. with a deep knowledge of the API related business and/or technical impacts.


1) questionnaire for the survey

2) survey results & analysis

3) articulate how the i3forum work can play a pivotal role in facilitating adoption amongst members for APIs + focus on one specific use case(s)

Target date for completion

9 / 12 months


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