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Usage Expectations / Terms of Use

  • The platform is not to be used, under any circumstances, for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: promoting products and services, enhancing 3rd party numbering plan products and services, advertising and selling voice termination routes and related services. ​
  • Participants can not post any confidential or anti-competitive information, including but not limited to pricing, margin, trade secrets, information that may damage a carrier’s reputation, fraudulent range information, carrier specific information, etc.​
  • The platform is not to be viewed under any circumstances as providing any recommendations regarding traffic management policies, and or actions, including but not limited to; routing, pricing, billing, supplier management, procurement, etc.​
  • The i3forum is not responsible or liable for content posted on the platform. The i3forum expects participants to post current, reliable, sourced and verified information but all content is provided by participants under their sole responsibility. Participants can use the information available at their discretion.  ​
  • Participants are expected to adhere to platform usage processes and procedures, including editing or deleting their own information only. Participants are encouraged to flag any violations or anomalies and report those to the i3forum accordingly. ​
  • “No free lunch” – Participants are expected to contribute to the platform in a meaningful way. The i3forum will monitor and enforce a fair and equitable use of the platform. ​
  • The i3forum reserves the right to remove content and or participants from the platform for violating platform rules, or for insufficient use of the platform.

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