Suzy Menneret


  • New service available to the Industry, to be announced at i3forum Annual Conference at ITW 2019

Scope & objectives

  • i3forum is building, and will operate on behalf of the Int’l Carrier Industry, a comprehensive and operationally relevant Market Database for international voice services  – “by the Industry, for the Industry”
  • The concept is that participating carriers will upload their voice traffic data into the system operated by the vendor. Data will be anonymized and aggregated.  Each participating carrier then will be able to compare its own data with the anonymized aggregated data provided by other participating carriers, using a state of the art analytics engine. Data provided by a given carrier is kept 100% confidential at all times, no other party will be able to access i

Expertise required

Int’l Wholesale voice market, marketing and product management, strategy

Way of working

Conference calls as required


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