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The i3forum welcomes various categories of members from the International Telecommunications ecosystem :

  • International Carriers : telecom operators selling international wholesale (B2B) services : voice termination, IP transit, SMS & MMS termination, roaming services, signaling, managed and unmanaged data transport…
  • Other Telecom Operators including Service Providers, OTTs…
  • Vendors : network equipment, IT, services (e.g. hosting, clearing house, testing) …
  • Other partners : Institutions, Industry organizations, Media partners and analysts, Individuals… Such organizations can only be Partners.

The following Membership Tiers are be available :

  • Board Member (elected by and among Full Members) – Board elects a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary.
  • Full Member – can contribute and vote. Can be elected as Chair of Working Group and as Board Member
  • Observer Member – can attend Work Groups but not eligible to WG Chair or Board, and no voting rights
  • Partners: similar to Observer Member but reserved and mandatory Tiers for members that are not Int’l Carriers, Operators or Vendors


I can share and learn from the community

  • get educated on industry trends and evolution, technology, services, best practices
  • understand better the evolution of the industry and position myself
  • understand better the requirements of my customers
  • understand better the market environment
  • share information, thoughts… (industry transformation, practices, lessons learned…)
  • test concepts / ideas with the community
  • benchmark my own practices, strategies, products…

I can benefit from community actions and work

  • use i3forum’s work in order to develop the right approach / make the right decisions / speed up evolution
  • use i3forum’s best practices (fraud, operations…) to optimize / streamline / increase efficiency
  • save time, effort and money
  • speed up the creation / implementation of industry wide ecosystems / transformations that I need in order to develop my business, gain efficiencies etc.. – going it alone it would impossible or be much slower

I can influence the community

  • influence industry evolution & drive the vision for the industry
  • understand and influence other industry stakeholders to develop /provide what I need
  • influence best practices (fraud, operations…) in order to gain efficiencies
  • influence recommendations in order to develop the right approach
  • influence other industry bodies (e.g. GSMA, WBA…)

I can promote my business with the community and the Industry

  • promote my approach / vision / positioning
  • develop relationship
  • enhance my credibility /demonstrate thought leadership
  • leverage i3forum’s brand to show compliance, enhance credibility, demonstrate quality


Annual Membership Dues:

  • Board members : 15,000 USD.
  • Full members : 10,000 USD
  • Observer members : 7,000 USD
  • Partners : free (reserved for Institutions, Industry organizations, Media partners and analysts, Individuals…)

Become a member

The membership process is very simple. You first need to apply by contacting the Chairman (use Contact Us or the click contact in the Board and Officers section), explaining briefly what your company does and why it wants to join. You will then be asked to sign and return the Membership Agreement (available for download), and then you will get the invoice for the membership dues if applicable. Upon payment you’re a Member and your team can join the Work Groups.

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