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2019-20 deliverables

A Primer on NFV : this paper is intended illustrate why NFV is one of the key topics for carriers right now

i3forum’s role

To provide a common forum where the members can share their knowledge and experience, facilitating the best practices for implementation and new ways of interworking for those services where SDN/NFV were implemented. The group also explores on the impact of NFV on interconnects.

Scope & objectives

  • Focus on education, sharing of experience, dialogue between Carriers and Vendors
  • Explore the implementation of NFV in the Service Providers and Carriers and which services are involved
  • Analyze how NFV is changing the current services in terms of configuration, implementation, information exchanged, operational process, expertise of the personnel, etc.
  • Identify how the efficiency in the Service Providers and Carriers’ networks based on NFV can provide more efficiency in the interconnections between SP-Carrier and Carrier-Carrier
  • Identify potential issues of NFV implementation which impact interconnections between Service Providers and Carriers.

Topics discussed

  • How to use NFV elastic scaling and auto-healing for deployment of telco grade systems (local and geo redundancy) and create a better CAPEX model
  • NFV TCO model. Provide TCO comparison between cloud, hybrid, COTS (bare-metal) and specialized HW
    • Include interconnect model transcoding
    • Use of different clouds (public or private)
  • Benefits of using NFV platforms for enterprise and wholesale at the same time
  • Impact on OSS/BSS
    • System integration
    • Service templates
    • Orchestrators

Expertise required

Senior Members Product Development, Network and IT Departments. with a deep knowledge of the SDN and NFV related business and/or technical impacts

Way of working

Physical meeting and conference call

Target date for completion

Release of deliverables every 9 / 12 months


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