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  • i3f-GSMA documentation alignment
  • VoLTE interconnection guidelines
  • Calling Party Number validation- Impact on IMS and Standardization
  • Proactive transcoding review
  • Security –Industry Status and Best Practices
  • IPX –  Industry impact measurement, traffic reporting and interconnection guidelines

Scope and objectives

Here is in more details the scope and objectives of this group:

  • i3f-GSMA documentation alignment
    • IPX and related services review according to i3forum inputs
    • IPX documentation simplification
    • GSMA review/update IR.34 and IR.95 documents
    • Ongoing activity within GSMA «Future Networks Program»
    • GSMA WG «Networks Group» –  Change Requests discussion on selected documents
  • VoLTE interconnection guidelines
    • VoLTE vs non-VoLTE #B number voice call termination
    • Roaming guidelines review
    • VoLTE SIP flavours review (SIP preconditions, SIP cause codes)
  • Calling Party Number validation
    • Methods and impacts on IMS
    • Standardization of call center traffic and CLI presentation
  • Proactive transcoding review
  • Security as forethought for connection
    • Industry status on end-to-end secured Voice traffic delivery
    • Best practices for end-to-end secured delivery of Voice traffic
  • IPX impact in the industry
    • IPX-to-IPX traffic as % of overall traffic
    • Mix and match of IPX and other technologies used to deliver international Voice traffic
  • IPX interconnection setup among operators
    • Guidelines to simplify IPX interconnection setup process
    • Standardization of IPX setup options

Expertise required

Mainly senior members of Network Technology/Architecture and Product Management and Development Departments, with a deep knowledge of the IPX and IMS related business and/or technical impacts

Way of working

1-2 physical meeting and 4-5 conference calls


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