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Here is in more details the scope and objectives of this group:

Expand Carriers’ UC play by addressing industry level issues and challenges.  This will provide both network operators and service providers clear guidelines on security, fraud and support strategies around UC deployments. This will be done by consolidating best practices and developing technical, operational and commercial recommendations on the following topics.

  • Deployment of UC solutions – Best practices for
    • Wholesale connectivity and access in order to improve UCaaS speed to market
    • Configuration of transport, access, on-prem equipment (CPE)
    • Security: Fraud Mitigation, Data Privacy, cybersecurity, etc
    • Other operational aspects (e.g. billing information, reporting, QoS…)
  • Development of technical, operational and commercial recommendations and publication of standards covering:
    • Configuration required to exchange UC traffic (end to end QoS, security…)
    • Interconnection between same vendors for global deployment
    • Interoperability between different vendors
    • Requirements for public, private and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Extension of geographical footprint:
    • In-country SBCs
    • In-country numbers


Mainly senior members of Network Technology/Architecture and Product Management either from carriers offering UC services or carriers/vendors offering service to UC providers


1-2 physical meeting and 4-5 conference calls


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