“We are laying the foundations for industry transformation and shaping the essential building blocks that we must share in order for our businesses to thrive. In our world, innovation demands collaboration.”
– Philippe Millet, Chairman, i3forum

The i3forum, established in 2007, is an organization of the International Telecommunications ecosystem that brings together all stakeholders (International Carriers, Vendors, Enterprise Service Providers etc…) in order to help define best practices, promote and foster adoption of Industry transformation. It encourages innovation and competition.

Our industry is a very specific environment where we need each other, even though we also compete with one another. In our world, innovation demands cooperation.

In the face of all the changes that are happening to the industry, we need to agree on some of the essential building blocks that are required to enable transformation. These changes include new players like over-the-top (OTT) providers, new – sometimes complex – services and new – sometimes challenging – business models.

To adapt and thrive, there is only so much that each carrier can do on its own. We need each other, and we need everyone on board for the industry to move forward.

The proof that we are on the right track lies in the history of what we have done over the past years to aid the transition to IP and fight against fraud. We in the i3forum have had a well-recognized impact – we want to leverage this and do more to foster the transformation of the industry.

23 members from the International Telecommunications ecosystem