Collaborating to accelerate transformation

i3Forum is a non-profit industry body focused on enabling and accelerating transformation across the international communications ecosystem.

Members work closely with other industry organizations, promoting industry-wide collaboration with an open and inclusive model focused on enabling success in a changing market.

Develop solutions for international communications challenges
Enhance businesses through collaboration
Share and shape the industry's future together
i3Forum enables collaboration and information sharing while focusing on actionable, practical recommendations and solutions for the international communications industry.

i3Forum values the diversity of its membership. We strive to take an unbiased, holistic approach — factoring in the multiple technical, operational, and business perspectives of the various stakeholders.

"We are laying the foundations for industry transformation and shaping the essential building blocks that we must share in order for our businesses to thrive. In our world, innovation demands collaboration."

i3F Board Headshots - Andres Proano
Andrès Poaño
BTS Treasurer
i3F Board Headshots - Carlos DaSilva
Carlos DaSilva
Console Connect
i3F Board Headshots - Cedric Gonin
Cedric Gonin​
i3F Board Headshots - Céline Gregoire
Céline Grégoire
i3F Board Headshots - Christian Michaud
Christian Michaud
Vice Chair
i3F Board Headshots - Eli Katz
Eli Katz
i3F Board Headshots - Filippo Cauci
Filippo Cauci
Telecom Italia
i3F Board Headshots - Jose Cortes
Jose Cortes
i3F Board Headshots - Katia Gonzalez
Katia Gonzalez​
i3F Board Headshots - Nishant Arya
Nishant Arya​
Tata Communications Secretary
i3F Board Headshots - Philippe Millet
Philippe Millet​
i3F Board Headshots - Thanga Durairaj
Thanga Durairaj​