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i3Forum members promote industry‑wide collaboration with an open and inclusive model that focuses on enabling success in a changing market.

Why Become a Member

i3Forum Members are empowered by a shared purpose and together are shaping the future of our industry.

  • Collaborate, share, and learn
  • Influence the industry’s evolution and drive the vision for the industry
  • Benefit from community actions and work
  • Test concepts and ideas with the community
  • Share knowledge with specific work groups
  • Leverage i3Forum’s brand to show compliance, enhance credibility, and demonstrate quality
  • Participate in creating, overseeing, steering, and shaping the direction of i3Forum services

Board Member

Elected by and among Full Members. Board members then elect a Chairperson,  a Vice-Chairperson, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.

Full Member

Can contribute to Work Groups and vote. Can be elected as Chair of a Work Group as well as a Board Member.

Observer Member

Can attend and contribute to a work group (without voting rights) but not eligible to chair a work group or serve on the Board.


Reserved for those who are not International Carriers, Operators, Aggregators or Vendors. Partners members can participate in work groups but do not have voting rights and cannot be elected to the Board.

We believe that if we collaborate and remain focused, we can create the agile, adaptable, and profitable carrier businesses of the future.

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Getting Involved with Our Work Groups

Members of the i3Forum participate in work groups directly reporting to the Board. Work groups are created based on membership input, industry insight, and Board priorities.

Work Groups agree their own objectives, timeline and organization for each work cycle which run from September to May. They strive to make new public documents and updates in time for the Annual Conference.


Fostering collaboration. Driving tangible industry benefits.

Market Data

Intelligence in action. Delivered on a common platform.

Voice Fraud

Uniting the industry. Restoring trust.

Messaging Fraud

Fighting fraud in A2P messaging.

Numbering Plan

Building a community of experts.