Restore Trust in International Telecommunications

We must respond to the surge in unwanted and illegal communications, including spam and robocalls, that erodes public trust in communications.

A New Direction

National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) are compelled to impose new requirements, both domestically and in the international communications industry, but uncoordinated approaches leave gaps for malicious actors to exploit. Regulatory authorities must align to introduce diverse and consistent requirements, which the International Communications Industry needs to meet.

Key issues to address include:

  • High costs and complexities due to disjointed requirements
  • Regulatory authorities addressing symptoms rather than root causes, leading to inefficiencies
  • Current methods creating confusion and delaying effective solutions
Addressing these challenges demands a collective effort, with the industry and NRAs collaborating. i3Forum is launching the “One Consortium” under the “Restore Trust in International Communications” umbrella.

The "One Consortium" Initiative

To facilitate the goal of restoring trust in international communications, i3Forum will bridge the gap between regulators, international traffic carrying companies, companies and associations supporting international traffic carrying companies, and national communications associations, ensuring harmonized guidelines in the vast international communications landscape.
  • Aims to rejuvenate trust in international communications
  • Seeks to diminish spam, spoofing, and other unwanted communications
  • Will restore faith in voice and messaging services and improve origination authenticity
  • Intends to provide standardized solutions and regulatory collaboration
  • Industry Collaboration: Contributors will formulate solutions to reinstate trust
  • Representation: Engaging with global NRAs to co-develop and implement solutions
  • Shared Resources: Members will fund necessary Consortium activities
  • Liaison: Representing the industry with non-member organizations
  • Not profit-driven
  • Open to all stakeholders
  • No membership fees; participants contribute resources or funds
  • Led by companies directly affected by the challenges
  • Members collaborate directly, without third-party delegation

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