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i3forum Insights is A COMPREHENSIVE MARKET DATABASE FOR INTERNATIONAL VOICE SERVICES. It provides a robust market trending and benchmarking capability for carriers managing international voice traffic. JOIN US NOW TO ENJOY THIS POWERFUL, UNIQUE SOLUTION

You can’t optimise your business without accurate and high-quality data.

Without an efficient solution for sharing data, the carrier community will limit how they benefit from data-driven insights and intelligence.

i3forum Insights is a comprehensive and operationally relevant market database for international voice services designed and managed by i3forum members.


“The i3forum Insights market database provides Basis with the external layer of intelligence needed to challenge and guide our teams in their efforts to remain an industry leader in market share and revenue. The user friendly extranet and robust reporting capability allows us to analyze and take pre-emptive action on trends per region, anticipated market changes, and QoS KPIs that customers rely upon. iBasis trusts i3forum Insights to provide accurate data to benchmark rates and quality metrics, facilitating our ability to offer the best available service to our customers and partners.”

– Nicolas Perone, Senior Manager, Product and Offer, Basis

“At Tata Communications, we’ve been able to utilize the benchmarking data for both quality and revenue to help drive key business decisions across our destinations. Our business intelligence team has been able to add this data to our dashboards (via API) and give our teams the views they need to make smarter decisions.”

– Michael Lawrence, Director Business Intelligence, Operations and Transformation, Tata Communications

How does i3forum Insights work?

Participating carriers sign up for the service with the i3forum. They then upload their voice traffic data into a system operated by TeleGeography on behalf of the i3forum.

All data is anonymized and aggregated, remaining completely confidential and fully protected.

Each participating carrier is able to compare its own data against the anonymized, aggregated data provided by other participating carriers using a state-of-the art analytics engine, Tableau. Data provided by a given carrier is kept 100% confidential at all times; no other party will be able to access it.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is an industry leader in analytics and business intelligence, it enables you to upload, view, and analyse data within a single interface.

Who can use this tool?

This service is available to international carriers, whether or not they are i3forum members. This generally includes those that carry 100 million+ international wholesale, non-fraudulent voice minutes a year. To benefit from the service, carriers need to agree to contribute their data.

Core KPIs Tracked by i3forum Insights

Geographic Data

Terminating route, country and region
Termination type (Fixed vs Mobile)

Traffic and Revenue Data

Wholesale minutes
Direct minutes
Average length of call

Quality Data

Service level
Answer-seizure ratio
Network-efficiency ratio
Answer-bid ratio
Roaming support
CLI offered

i3forum Insights 3 Minute Tour

Who is involved?

  1. I3forum – the i3forum offers Insights as a subscription service to the industry. We have an agreement in place with Telegeography to develop, operate, and maintain the platform on behalf of subscribers.  The i3forum also organizes and hosts the Insights (Market Data) workgroup maintaining regular oversight of the solution.
  2. Telegeography (telecommunications market research and consulting firm that has surveyed international carriers and presented analysis of international long distance traffic, service providers, cost, and pricing for more than 30 years) – Telegeography develops, operates, and maintains the solution on behalf of the i3forum and participating carriers. They offer training and service demonstrations in support of new member acquisition and onboarding activities.  Telegeography is also an active participant in workgroup meetings and activities.
  3. Participating Carriers – Participating carriers are the end users of the solution. They upload their monthly performance data into the platform and enjoy all the market trending and benchmarking outputs. Members are responsible for maintaining an accurate 24-month data archive.

Purchasing options

Flexible Tiers to Meet your Needs

i3forum Insights


Our flagship solution, providing a high level of analytics and data access flexibility

Designed for core users who rely on this intelligence regularly across teams for planning, optimization, and day-to-day business operations

• Tableau interactive data visualization portal allows for immediate exploration of rich market intel for a suite of users across your organization
• Set automated alerts for key KPI thresholds and criteria

• Push data directly to internal systems and tools via API calls
• Pull data programmatically to create custom reports

• Easily compare monthly data submissions against a monthly feed of aggregate market data
• Automated and instantaneous feedback on possible data errors and suggested fixes

For more information on Insights, please contact Telegeography or the i3forum by filling the form below.

i3forum Insights Light


Light touch integration into the Insights ecosystem

Designed for users with smaller voice teams and more limited resources, who still require occasional market tracking and intelligence


• Simplified static reports detailing both aggregate voice market trends and detailed benchmarks of key KPIs against market levels

• Reports emailed directly to a set of key users on a quarterly basis

• Data submission requirement reduced to quarterly uploads (from monthly) to lessen internal resource requirements for integration into the Insights data ecosystem

For more information on Insights Light, please contact Telegeography or the i3forum by filling the form below.

What are the associated carrier obligations?

While i3forum holds the direct commercial relationship with participating carriers, in signing on to the solution each carrier must agree to a number of commitments with TeleGeography for seamless operation of the solution itself.

• Designating a primary data administrator as the main point of contact for submitting carrier data and working with TeleGeography to review any issues uncovered with contributed data
• Submitting a 24-month historical archive of data when joining the solution as part of the onboarding process
• Maintaining a running list of end-users who require access to the solution, and alerting TeleGeography directly when new users need to be added or old users deleted
• Submitting monthly performance, traffic, and other core KPI data to the solution, either via the ingest API or Tableau upload
• Submitting all data in an agreed upon standardized format
• Reviewing and editing any flagged data that TeleGeography identifies as potentially erroneous (either via automated flagging, or human review) on a monthly basis, after uploading member data to the solution
• Maintaining anonymity within the solution by keeping any identifying customer or company information out of data submissions
• Working with TeleGeography during the onboarding phase to review how the tool works, what data streams are required to participate, and how such data must be formatted and submitted
• Researching and providing explanations (when requested by TeleGeography) for data abnormalities that are real or genuine (not a mistake in feed)
• Maintaining a minimum 24-month historical archive of core KPI data

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