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Voice over IP (and IPX) Traffic Survey Results

The i3forum is excited to announce and distribute the results of our Voice over IP and Voice over IPX traffic survey and report!  The report was coordinated by the i3forum’s Technology Workgroup and was open to all i3forum carrier members to participate and contribute.  Ten Tier I global carriers contributed to the report capturing a significant portion of the international voice market.  The results are based on actual carrier performance data.  An independent 3rd party collected and aggregated the ten participating carriers’ traffic inputs.  This approach ensures 100% accuracy as there is no modeling or forecasting involved!

Since inception, the i3forum has championed the acceleration of IP including IPX, this exercise allows the international carrier community to track and support those efforts.  Backed by a high carrier participation rate, valuable insight into market traffic levels and trends are provided.  Carriers can use these market benchmarks to compare against their own positions.  Measuring voice over IPX traffic growth is also critical to understanding the international carrier’s position in the emerging IMS service space.  As more and more voice traffic is originated through IP enabled devices this type of KPI will help bolster carrier readiness to support these calls on a secured, class of service enabled, SLA enforced network between IPX and service providers.  Carriers are investing heavily in their IP and IPX platforms, it’s important to measure the market levels and trends of this voice traffic.

Thanks to this initiative, and our carrier member participation, the i3forum is proud to deliver this valuable insight back to the carrier community!