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FCC Robocalls Order: Impacts on International Voice Traffic to USA (Release 1.0) June 2021

This document provides the i3forum’s perspective on the FCC robocalls order issued in 2020, which impacts international voice traffic directed to the US. The scope includes the description of FCC order sections affecting voice traffic generated outside the US, timing and filing requirements set by regulation and actions required by wholesale operators to continue delivering traffic towards US fixed and mobile subscribers.

It also describes possible enhancements that could be adopted longer term by operators not based in the US in order to protect voice calling party identity from being tampered or manipulated along the call path, with the aim to deliver to end subscribers voice calls with calling identity “certified” and trusted.

Our objective is to provide operators with a comprehensive understanding of what the situation is and what the options are for international carriers so that there is minimal impact to the traffic to the US.

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