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Spearheading One Consortium: On-Demand Presentation

Over 150 people across a spectacular cross section of the ecosystem joined the transformative Restore Trust webinar held last week on September 7. Participants represented 45+ traffic-carrying companies from all over the world, and a dozen global and national industry organizations, National Regulatory Authorities, Government Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies, and 35+ vendors and solutions providers.

The presentation and video session replay are now available on demand:

View the presentation document >

Special thanks to our speakers:
Annabel Helm, GLF  |  Linda Vandeloop, AT&T, STI-GA
Josh Bercu
, Industry Traceback Group  |  Rob Kurver, CPaaS Acceleration Alliance
Pasqualina Spagnuolo, ITRF  |  Eli Katz, Comms Council UK
Katia Gonzalez, BICS  |  Nishant Arya, Tata Communications
Céline Gregoire, iBASIS

Whether you joined us live or are watching on demand, your input and opinions matter to us, and we invite you to complete a brief survey to help shape this movement over the coming months.If you are an international traffic carrying company or industry organization representing such companies, and are interested in participating to the Pre-Consortium working session on September 28, register your interest by emailing Philippe and Christian by September 22nd.

National Regulatory Authorities, Government Authorities, National Communications Associations, please confirm the appropriate contacts via email to Philippe and Christian so we can contact you in the coming weeks.

All participants, the next information session will be held in mid-October – please help us grow interest and participation!

Do not hesitate to send us any questions or comments you may have regarding this initiative.

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Philippe Millet to speak at CASA23 on September 18 — the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance event

On September 18, i3forum Chairman Philippe Millet will share our vision and proposed industry-wide One Consortium initiative to combat illegal/unwanted communications and restore trust in international communications with the CPaaS community gathering in Amsterdam for CASA23.

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Spearheading One Consortium

i3forum is inviting all International Communications Industry ecosystem contributors – international carriers, aggregators, CPaaS players, industry organizations, vendors, and other stakeholders – to an initial “launch” meeting.

To be held September 7th at 7:00 AM EDT / 1:00 PM CET / 4:30 PM IST / 7:00 PM SGT, the meeting will open discussions around the creation of an industry-wide consortium aiming at restoring trust in international communication.

An unprecedented global challenge

The rapid growth of unwanted and/or illegal communications, e.g. spamming, spoofing, robocalling, and more, is severely damaging public trust in communications.

As a result, the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) are compelled to impose new requirements, not only domestically but also on the international communications industry. This legitimate effort to eradicate such unwanted and/or illegal international inbound communications, is unfortunately highly uncoordinated across the various countries and globally suboptimal.

Challenges lie in a number of areas, in particular in the following two:

  1. the unsustainable cost and complexity that the International Communications Industry has to face to comply with multiple, disconnected, and often inconsistent requirements
  2. the limited efficiency of diverse independent approaches taken by the NRAs that have limited authority on International Traffic and focus their action on the consequences (in the terminating country) rather than the root cause (in the originating country)

The current approach creates confusion, slows adoption of potential solutions, creates loopholes internationally that fraudsters are quick to exploit (“whack-a-mole” situation). It also constitutes a growing burden for NRAs. In some instances, requirements on international traffic can also lead to negative outcomes for genuine communications presented as “high risk” traffic.

A new vision

This global challenge calls for an unprecedented and highly innovative response: one rooted in collaboration not only within the International Communications Industry, but also with National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) – and ideally, directly or indirectly, between NRAs.

Industry and NRAs share the same objectives:

  • Reduce unwanted and/or illegal communications in general – spoofing, spamming, robocalling, and more
  • Restore trust in international communications
  • Enable trusted and branded communications

No individual stakeholder – industry or regulatory – can successfully address those issues alone. Collaboration at all levels is an absolute requirement.

The proposed approach

i3forum is developing the launch of a global initiative to build an inclusive, agile, and coordinated framework to restore trust in International Communications. Today we are soliciting your feedback during the meeting to which you are hereby invited.

This approach starts with the International Communications Industry rallying around one shared objective: collaborating to build the unified guidance and solutions that are required to efficiently fight unwanted and/or illegal communications, that will address both NRAs and Industry concerns.

Together, we will build a framework for standardized global guidance and industry viable solutions, such as starting with international calls with National CLI inbound to country level.

This approach also calls for the Industry to engage with NRAs and co-develop joint or self-regulated mechanisms to implement, operate, and enforce such a framework on an opt-in basis. It will ensure that compliance drives benefits and non-compliance causes significant negative consequences.

  1. Self/Joint Regulation Framework
    • Joint/self-regulation framework to enforce unified guidance and solutions
    • Opt-in framework for Carriers and NRAs
    • Compliance at Carrier or trunk level
    • Compliance monitoring and enforcement
    • Compliance may bring “Trusted Partner” benefits from participating NRAs and fellow Industry players
    • Non-compliance results in Industry and NRAs penalties
  2. Joint Governance
    • Joint overall management of the joint/self-regulation framework by NRAs and Industry
    • Jointly address NEW issues, adapting and improving framework

A good place to start is tackling immediate issues such as legitimate International Traffic using National CLI. There are several current use cases to address:

  • Roaming
  • International Call Center outsourcing
  • International DIDs

More complex areas requiring advanced NRAs and Industry cooperation include:

  • CLI Validation (KYC / KYT) through the traffic chain
  • International interworking between national solutions
  • International Call Traceback (including registration, single global database, operation, and enforcement)
  • Trusted and branded communications…

An immediate step

To build the “Industry voice” of our discussion with NRAs and as a neutral vehicle for collaboration, the i3forum is spearheading the creation of “One Consortium” as an essential component of the “Restore Trust in International Communications” initiative.

Inviting all International Communications Industry ecosystem contributors, One Consortium needs to achieve the following:

  • Industry collaboration – One Consortium contributors will design and build solutions to Restore Trust in International Communications.
  • Industry representation – One Consortium will engage with NRAs globally on behalf of the entire International Communications Industry in order to co-develop, implement, and operate solution(s) to Restore Trust in International Communications.
  • Shared resources management – One Consortium members will collectively fund the Consortium activities required to execute the agreed upon strategy, thus benefiting from pooled resources and economies of scale.
  • Liaison – One Consortium will liaise on behalf of the International Communications Industry with other non-contributing organizations (e.g. ITU, National Associations…).

The structure considered for One Consortium would be governed by some key principles, including:

  • Not for profit
  • Inclusivity – All International Communications Industry stakeholders are invited to join carriers, aggregators, CPaaS players, but also industry organizations, vendors etc.).
  • No membership dues – This is not “yet another industry organization.” Participants contribute to the various activities of One Consortium, both financially and/or with resources.
  • Leadership is owned by the entities who are facing the challenge: companies carrying international traffic that need to comply with NRA requirements.
  • Other members, such as industry organizations and vendors, support the efforts of One Consortium, but will not lead it.
  • Ownership and engagement – Participants collaborate directly to build the guidance and solutions, as well as discuss with the NRAs with appropriate expert support, but without delegating issues to third parties.

Get things started

i3forum is inviting all interested to participate in an informal “pre-consortium” working group.

The agenda of the call will be to discuss, refine, and agree on the One Consortium vision, mission, and strategy, to then formalize plans and decide upon the organization’s incorporation and structure.

Join us for the initial “launch” virtual meeting on September 7th at 7:00 AM EDT / 1:00 PM CET / 4:30 PM IST / 7:00 PM SGT.

Download this letter as a PDF.

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i3forum formally responds to Ofcom’s consultation on CLI Authentication

Response to Ofcom Consultation (28th April 2023): Consultation: Calling Line Identification (CLI) authentication – a potential approach to detecting and blocking spoofed numbers.

i3forum welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation. We support Ofcom’s open approach to evaluating the numerous areas available to the industry, especially including international origination, which will enable authentication and validation in order to reduce the opportunities for fraud.

Read the document (pdf version) >

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A Groundbreaking Initiative to Restore Trust in International Communications

Philippe Millet, the chair of i3forum, recently revealed an exciting initiative to restore trust in international communications with the establishment of the industry-wide One Consortium.

While we have progressively improved best practice and measures to combat Voice Fraud and made promising strides in Messaging, the fight continues. We have taken that challenge head-on with, for example, our efforts to enforce the joint i3forum/Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) Code of Conduct, operational cooperation within the i3forum Fight Fraud Working Group, and our ongoing work on the Messaging Fraud workgroup, which builds on the work of organizations, such as MEF, GSMA or the Global Solutions Council.

However, the rapidly growing trend of unwanted/illegal communications (such as spamming, spoofing, robocalling) is posing a more significant challenge than traditional fraud. This surge is eroding the confidence of consumers, businesses, and the public in communications, leading to a rise in complaints and subsequent impact on our business.

The need is for an innovative, never-seen-before response rooted in collaboration not only within the industry but also with National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). The urgency for cooperation has reached an all-time high. What makes this challenge unique is that any viable solution created to fight unwanted or illegal communications and restore trust should, and in fact must, involve the NRAs as they are responsible for creating the regulations. But critically, they can not fix these international problems on their own.

As required by their role, NRAs step in to safeguard the public, and while they have comprehensive authority domestically their reach on the international front remains limited. International traffic often lacks adequate cooperation between NRAs, resulting in multiple, disjointed requirements for International Carriers that are inconsistent, potentially inefficient, and costly to implement. This approach is neither sustainable for the industry nor effective in resolving the issue.

Currently, the NRAs are driving the process which is why our collaboration with them is vital, despite the fact that the traffic under discussion is often considered “legitimate” transit traffic. This issue cannot be resolved internally within the industry, marking a significant shift from traditional methods of combating fraud. This is why our initiative is not merely just another code of conduct. It’s important to note that this problem is not one that can be solved solely by NRAs or any single entity.

Our first step towards gaining the attention and cooperation of the NRAs involves demonstrating credibility, goodwill, and transparency within the industry. By unifying under this inclusive initiative launched by the i3forum and joining the One Consortium, we can work on proposals encompassing governance, self-regulation, policies, and supporting technologies. We’re not starting from scratch – numerous organizations are already working on the foundational aspects.

If we fail to take these steps, we risk living in a world where every National Regulatory Authority demands compliance with their unique requirements. However, if executed correctly, this initiative can safeguard communications and unlock untapped business potential in both retail and wholesale sectors based on Trusted Communications.

Details of the One Consortium are expected to be disclosed shortly.

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i3forum Launches Consortium Initiative To Restore Trust in International Communications

· Announcement made at International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2023

· Associations to unite at the i3forum Luncheon Briefing at ITW on Tuesday, May 16

· i3forum diversifying and looking for more members from the wider international communications sector

Paris, France i3forum, a leading industry association focused on driving global collaboration and innovation within the communications sector, has today launched a new initiative to help restore trust in the international communications industry.

The drive towards a consortium model in the pursuit of collective accountability and collaboration to drive interoperable guidelines is much needed in the face of surging threats and fraud. i3forum is extremely mindful and careful of not duplicating other associations’ efforts but wants to better align efforts.

“In the face of surging threats and attacks amid increased digitization, we are facing an international communications crisis on a global scale. Origination identifiers are being plagued by surging fraud volumes and sophisticated attacks, and there’s misuse and lack of trust,” declared Philippe Milet, Founder and Chairman of i3forum.

“A paradigm shift is needed in our approach to tackling issues and recommendations. Associations are well positioned to help solve many challenges that impact the international ecosystem, but only if they work together. They’re like jigsaw pieces and if we don’t work together properly with one another and towards the same picture then we can never truly solve the puzzle and challenge. Better yet, by working together from the outset, we can help to influence what the landscape may even look like.”

Associations do valuable work in their own respective areas but i3forum, which champions the perspectives of wholesale and international carriers, is hoping to forge new partnerships and collaborative ways of embedding respective association workgroups to foster true innovation and progress. The news comes as the i3forum’s ranks have been bolstered with a new board, new members, and an advisory council.

As part of the launch, which will first focus on international voice traffic, i3forum has established four goals in a globally coordinated international effort:

  1. Reduce spoofing, spam, and unwanted illegal communications
  2. Restore trust in voice services and calling line identification (CLI)
  3. Enable trusted calls with trust identifiers and rich calling data (new service enablement)
  4. Enable a voice and messaging convergence (covering national and international traffic streams)

i3forum will be looking to achieve its mission to restore trust by helping to establish standardized guidance and solutions, a self-regulated framework with levels of compliance monitoring and enforcement, and joint regulatory activity between the i3forum, associations, industry stakeholders, and National Regulatory Agencies (NRAs).

“We all share the same pressing issue of how we ultimately communicate with regulators and NRAs when there are so many different approaches, solutions, metrics, and feedback. By working together at the start, we can help to better shape the future,” added Christian Michaud, Executive Director of i3forum. “We want to better enable and accelerate transformation across the international carrier and communications ecosystem.”

In 2021, i3forum filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of the international wholesale carrier community on its proposed rulemaking to fight against robocalling. i3forum will be looking to help regulators and commissions with their calls for industry feedback by collaborating with all parties in the wholesale carrier community to harmonize recommendations and create interoperable guidelines in the complex international telecommunications ecosystem.

If associations don’t come together, the industry ultimately suffers because of complexities, cost, compliance burden, legal penalties, and revenue opportunity loss. Trust is lost, traffic is affected, and calls are unanswered.

At the dawn of a new (r)evolution, will you answer the i3forum’s call to action to restore trust?

Go to to get involved.

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