i3forum Numbering Plan Community Platform

A place for numbering plan experts to exchange information and expertise

What is the purpose?

Numbering Plan information is usually not complete, current or consistent across the Industry. Every Carrier has their own version. Numbering Plan changes are not communicated accros the industry in a efficient manner. Improving numbering plan information optimizes mission critical activities : routing, pricing, billing, dispute resolution, fraud prevention…

This platform allows participating Carriers to access accurate and timely Numbering Plan updates provided by their peers. Growing the number of participants improves the coverage and synchronization of Numbering Plan changes across the industry.

Key features :

  • Share reliable, sourced information about Numbering Plan updates in any given market / country in a timely manner​ leveraging & demonstrating footprint markets, regional expertise;
  • Foster collaboration by engaging with other participants to share best practices and useful information, discuss Numbering Plan related issues, request clarification etc…
  • This is not a Numbering Plan reference database. It provides a structure and a mechanism to capture, share and discuss Numbering Plan updates. In the future, we might consider building a comprehensive reference database.

The i3forum manages the platform and provides among other things :

  • Guidelines and recommendations for platform usage;
  • New participants vetting & onboarding;
  • Content oversight and moderation;
  • Roadmap for enhancements / new features.

Participating carriers are expected to :

  • Access their specific sources and identify reliable updates to the Numbering Plan 
  • Share the updates they obtain from their trusted sources and can synchronize changes across the industry
  • Use a discussion platform to ask questions, share best practices etc

Participants are invited to virtual meetings with other participants and the i3forum so they can ask any questions related to platform usage and content.

Community approach

  • This collaborative platform facilitates a vibrant community of numbering plan professionals and the sharing of information and expertise.
  • The platform is only as good as the information provided by the members. So get involved!

Who is this for?

Teams in charge of maintaining the Numbering Plan for their company​

Business users of Numbering plan information, e.g. routing, pricing, billing, disputes management, fraud prevention etc…

How much does it cost?

It is free of charge (subject to change).

Who manages this?

The i3forum’s Numbering Plan Community platform is a tool designed, developed and managed by the i3forum for the benefit of the Industry (i3forum members and non-members alike). It is based on Microsoft SharePoint tool.​


“The Numbering Plan Updates Community is a collaborative space to exchange valuable numbering plan insights with the industry.   We can easily share our own numbering plan expertise and in turn, get timely news & updates from our peers. These fresh insights can help us to better optimize our A-Z offers to the benefit of our business and our customers.”

-Jamie Fisher, Destination Manager, Telstra

“The Numbering Plan Updates Community enables everyone to access the same data which helps increase efficiencies and reduce inconsistencies with the numbering information. The platform promotes collaboration as it encourages constructive discussions, identifies problems faster and strengthens connections with industry peers. It helps businesses keep data fresh, avoid billing disputes and increase customer satisfaction.”

-Tata Communications Limited

“The Numbering Plan Updates Community is a fantastic tool to complement traditional sources of numbering information.  We rely on precise numbering knowledge to help us bring quality pricing offers to the customer.  The platform provides a place where everyone can benefit from the communities’ wide experience; a place to access and exchange numbering information in a user-friendly, centralized solution, increasing the quality of our global number plans.”

– Routing Manager, Fortune 100 company

This is how the tool looks

Two core elements on the platform

Country folders: Market folders are where the Numbering Plan updates are posted and can be viewed for a given market/country. Numbering Plan Posts are time stamped and include the name of the contributor. Numbering Plan Posts should comply with a specific format follow that includes a reference to the source. Folders (i.e. countries) can be sorted by date of last modification.

Communicating with other participants: The Numbering Plan Updates platform is where users can collaborate on numbering plan best practices, key contacts,, interpretations as well as ask questions regarding other member’s updates.​

How do I participate?

3 easy steps after you agree with the Usage Expectations / Terms of Use

1 – Apply for participation by filling the form

2 – Once you are approved, you will receive an email with your credentials. You will need to initialize your account

3 – Once your account is initialized, get familiarized with the platform by reading the Getting Started Quick Guide

Usage Expectations / Terms of Use

  • The platform is not to be used, under any circumstances, for commercial purposes, including but not limited to: promoting products and services, enhancing 3rd party numbering plan products and services, advertising and selling voice termination routes and related services. ​
  • Participants can not post any confidential or anti-competitive information, including but not limited to pricing, margin, trade secrets, information that may damage a carrier’s reputation, fraudulent range information, carrier specific information, etc.​
  • The platform is not to be viewed under any circumstances as providing any recommendations regarding traffic management policies, and or actions, including but not limited to; routing, pricing, billing, supplier management, procurement, etc.​
  • The i3forum is not responsible or liable for content posted on the platform. The i3forum expects participants to post current, reliable, sourced and verified information but all content is provided by participants under their sole responsibility. Participants can use the information available at their discretion.  ​
  • Participants are expected to adhere to platform usage processes and procedures, including editing or deleting their own information only. Participants are encouraged to flag any violations or anomalies and report those to the i3forum accordingly. ​
  • “No free lunch” – Participants are expected to contribute to the platform in a meaningful way. The i3forum will monitor and enforce a fair and equitable use of the platform. ​
  • The i3forum reserves the right to remove content and or participants from the platform for violating platform rules, or for insufficient use of the platform.


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Getting Started Quick Guide

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