Building trust in 
international calls and messages

One Consortium is a not-for-profit organization specifically designed for the international communications ecosystem to join forces and cooperate with Telecommunications Regulators (NRAs) globally in order to fight illegal/unwanted voice calls and messages originating from abroad.

Fraud calls and messages are a global problem, and many current initiatives are focused on the national level. One Consortium, working with NRAs, aims at complementing national initiatives, by helping combat illegal voice calls and messages on international connections

One Consortium is the industry component of the broader Restore Trust initiative. The Restore Trust initiative, spearheaded by i3Forum, has a second aspect : an unprecedented initiative bringing together National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) globally to facilitate a global, structured dialogue between industry and telecommunications regulators on restoring trust. Download the latest presentation here.

One Consortium and the Restore Trust initiative are endorsed by several major industry organizations, including  i3Forum, GSMA, the Global Leaders Forum (GLF) and the Global Solutions Council (GSC), click here to read to PR.

One Consortium’s initial objectives. 

Working with National Regulatory Authorities, One Consortium’s objectives are to allow this industry to:

1) Develop and agree global guidance and a vendor neutral  “toolbox” of technologies, best-practices, processes etc. to efficiently combat illegal / unwanted communications (calls and messages) originating from abroad.
2) Drive adoption in the industry
3) Build an industry-wide self-governance mechanism to ensure enforcement
Immediate priority & focus is on Voice, with work on Messaging to start soon.

Who can join One Consortium ?

One Consortium is open to international traffic carrying companies, (voice and messaging), vendors, global industry organizations, and other ecosystem stakeholders (e.g. academics).

Regulatory authorities and other public institutions are kindly invited to consider participating in, or cooperating with the second component of the Restore Trust initiative, the Global Regulatory Forum that is being discussed with multiple NRAs. Please use the form below to learn more.

How to join One Consortium :

Please use the form below to apply for One Consortium membership as an organization. Your application will be reviewed and confirmed by One Consortium’s leadership.

Upon confirmation of your acceptance, you will be kindly requested to sign and return the Membership Agreement.

There are two categories of members : voting members (companies who carry and deliver international traffic and global associations representing them) and non-voting members (all others). In case of disagreement regarding applicable category, One Consortium’s leadership has the final say.

For the time being, there are no membership dues for One Consortium. This might evolve in the future, and you will be informed of any changes and provided with options

One Consortium membership is separate from i3Forum membership.

How does One Consortium operate :

One Consortium is hosted by the i3Forum from a legal perspective. One consortium is governed by the same by-laws and policies as i3Forum, and One Consortium membership carries acceptance of that framework. One Consortium members are expected to fully comply, and One Consortium’s leadership has all authority to verify and ensure compliance.

Within that legal framework, One Consortium operates as an independent structure. One Consortium does not report into the i3Forum leadership and makes its own operational decisions. One Consortium is governed by the One Consortium’s Procedures.

What is One Consortium working on :

There are several working groups in One Consortium, each with an initial short-term objective :

One Consortium Members:

One Consortium Members :

Day 1 : ATIS, AT&T, BICS, BTS, i3Forum, Lumen, NetNumber, Numeracle, Orange Wholesale, Verizon, Vodafone, Wavecrest, XConnect

Arelion, Bandwidth, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, iBASIS, iConectiv, Identidad, Provenant, ONI, Tata Communications, Utel, Zain Omantel International (ZOI)

Partner Organizations :

GSMA, Global Leaders Forum (GLF), Global Solutions Council (GSC), i3Forum

How to apply

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