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Interview with Katia Gonzalez – Fraud Prevention, one of our industry’s greatest challenge

i3forum is promoting open discussion within the Carrier ecosystem and have sponsored the Hot Telecom video with Katia Gonzalez the Head of Fraud prevention at BICS and Chair of i3forum’s Fight Against Fraud workgroup. She shares her views on the biggest challenges in fraud prevention.

Katia says that when fraud hits, it hits hard and fast. So it’s important we react timely. She sees the value in having an industry approach to fight fraud. On a daily basis, the i3forum fraud workgroup is communicating and collaborating to combat growing fraud issues.

i3forum also works with the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum to combat fraud. Together, they’ve launched the publication of an industry-led Code of Conduct to reduce fraud in the international wholesale market. The Code of Conduct gives Service Providers across the Carrier ecosystem steps they can take to protect their businesses and collaborate to fight Voice fraud globally.

When preventing fraud, Gonzalez says that “Collaboration is the key word to be effective.”

Join us at our conference where we’ll be making a critical announcement about the Code of Conduct:

Find out about the Code of Conduct here: