Fight Voice Fraud

Providing comprehensive guidance to the industry and Members on fraud issues from a wholesale carrier perspective.


Annual Physical Meetings


Annual Virtual Meetings
Members should have experience as senior members of Anti-Fraud, Network Technology/Routing, Dispute Management, and Product Management teams. The group also welcomes vendors from Anti-Fraud/Number Management/Network and other fields related to the fight against misuse.


Becoming the industry reference on fighting wholesale fraud by providing actionable guidelines and a platform for knowledge and information-sharing.


Katia Gonzalez



Collaborating in the fight against voice fraud

As a reference group in the industry on wholesale fraud matters, the Fight Voice Fraud Work Group facilitates a trusted environment for Carriers to discuss all their fraud-related matters. We elaborate on and provide guidelines for the industry on fraud from a wholesale carrier perspective while also providing actionable best practices and support to the community.

The work group coordinates and interacts with National Regulatory Authorities and other industry groups working on fraud-related matters such as GLF, GSC & GSMA.

Future topics include security issues such as SS7 signaling and evaluating Enterprise perspectives for an end-to-end view.


Fostering collaboration. Driving tangible industry benefits.

Market Data

Intelligence in action. Delivered on a common platform.

Messaging Fraud

Fighting fraud in A2P messaging.

Numbering Plan

Building a community of experts.