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The Technology Workgroup: A New Roadmap for 2019

As the industry transforms, we’ve broadened the work of our IMS group to account for new initiatives and smart technologies. This has been reflected in how we run our operations by expanding the scope of our topics and transitioning into the “Technology workgroup”.

Over the last year we’ve been collaborating to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing IMS and enabling advanced communication services. As these technologies grow and develop, international Carriers have a real opportunity to play an increasing role in supporting their own expansion and progress.

Going forward, we want to continue to take on new challenges and capture topics that will impact Carrier business today and in the future. There are new opportunities for technologies that can streamline our operations, reduce fraud losses and enable the creation of new services.

In 2019, our workgroup will continue to work together to drive change and create real value through collaboration.

Here’s some of the topics we are aiming to tackle in 2019:

  • Phase two of defining Call Line Identification (CLI): Call forwarding and SIP-TDM interworking
  • The future of 5G roaming: The need for HTTP proxy
  • IoT traffic management: Traffic offloading and IPX for IoT
  • Roaming security: GSMA RESIST initiative and beyond
  • Blockchain & Operating Efficiencies: Billing and rate exchange, source authentication, number resolution and CLI validation


Carriers are supporting the creation of new efficiencies that are built to adapt to new technologies and demands. The explosion of technologies like Blockchain, 5G, and IoT have the opportunity to influence the way we operate. There’s potential for the use of these technologies across our industry to deliver real value by improving the way we interoperate and our operating efficiencies.

Initiatives around CLI and Roaming security will have an impact on future telecoms technologies and how we combat Voice fraud. Over the next year we’ll be creating new recommendations that tackle this.

Transformation is real and these technologies have the potential to directly impact our businesses. What really matters is how Carriers get together and get involved to make each of these technologies a reality in Carrier business.

We’ll be continuing to share new deliverables and our recommendations and reports to support transformation in technology-based services.

Our goal is to work together to solve new challenges facing our industry and produce recommendations and drive initiatives that benefit the entire Carrier ecosystem. Collaboration is critical to the success of Carrier Business.

If you want to collaborate to deliver practical and tangible results that have a direct positive impact on the international Carrier ecosystem, then you can join our IMS workgroup here: