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Now Available! i3forum Insights Light

We are pleased to announce that i3forum Insights Light is available to both i3forum members and non-members. Insights Light enables companies managing international voice traffic with fewer resources and smaller teams to participate in the Insights solution. More participants means more data, a win for existing and new subscribers, and the industry overall!

I3forum Insights is the only market trending and benchmark solution based on fact, the aggregate, anonymized, actual performance data of participating members: no opinion, forecasting, or data modeling.

With Insights and Insights Light our members receive an unbiased view of the market trends including their position and ranking versus the competition and the market average performance levels. Insights includes information on over 17,400 destinations and greater than 3,000,000 individual data points. Core KPIs include geographic data, traffic and revenue, and quality of service data.

How i3forum Insights Works

Once approved for product usage, participants upload their voice traffic data into the Insights system operated by Telegeography on behalf of the i3forum.

Participants may compare their own data against the anonymized, aggregated data provided by other carriers via the state-of-the-art analytics engine Tableau, an industry leader in analytics and business intelligence. Data provided by a carrier is always kept 100% confidential.

Light tier participants will have access to simplified static reports detailing both aggregate voice market trends and detailed benchmarks of key KPIs against market levels. Their data submission requirement is further reduced to quarterly uploads (from monthly) to lessen internal resource requirements. Simplified data uploads and report usage is at the heart of Light.

In order to join the i3forum Insights solution, please contact the i3forum’s Christian Michaud or Telegeography’s Jon Hull.

For detailed service descriptions, member testimonials, database design and architecture, data KPIs, and more, visit the i3forum Insights web site.

Best Regards,

Philippe Millet – Chairman
Christian Michaud – Executive Director