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Podcast – TeleGeography Explains the Internet

Great conversation about the importance of industry collaboration in key areas of international communications. Also great to hear from a user of Insight describing the value that this platform brings to their business.

With Insights and Insights Light our members receive an unbiased view of the market trends including their position and ranking versus the competition and the market average performance levels. Insights includes information on over 17,400 destinations and greater than 3,000,000 individual data points. Core KPIs include geographic data, traffic and revenue, and quality of service data.

Listen the podcast hosted by TeleGeography.
TeleGeography Explains the Internet  – When Carriers Collaborate

Hosted by Greg Bryan and joined by Philippe Millet, Founder and Chairman of the i3forum, as well as Michael Lawrence, Director of Business Intelligence, Operations and Transformation at Tata Communications.