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i3forum’s report – status on the transition to IP and IPX

The i3forum’s publishes a report on the status on the transition to IP and IPX, based on a survey conducted earlier this year with the i3forum membership

Since its inception 8 years ago, the i3forum’s main objective has been to foster and accelerate the industry’s transition to IP/IPX. We need to understand where the carrier community stands, what their plans are when it comes to their IP/IPX migration and what would further accelerate their transition so that the i3forum can determine how it can provide additional help.

The survey was conducted by the i3forum’s Transition to IP & IPX Work Group with the support of HOT TELECOM. This report reflects the IP and IPX migration status of the twenty i3forum carrier members who completed this survey, which was divided in 5 main sections : General information (demographics) ; IP migration status ; IP migration strategy ; IPX migration status ; IPX migration strategy.

You can also check out the presentation on the transition to IP and IPX that was made at the i3forum’s 7th Annual Conference on May 8th in Chicago

Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in participating in this work group

Download documents:

i3Forum IP and IPX migration survey – report final v2 >

Survey presentation for distribution >