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2017 & Beyond: Collaborating to Shape the Future

This past year we’ve been driving change and supporting transformation in the international Carrier ecosystem. 2017 has been a momentous year for i3forum and we’ve got plenty to share with you in 2018.

In 2017, we took our organization to a new level and reaffirmed our role in the Carrier ecosystem. We made a conscious decision to define who we are and the challenges we want to tackle going forward.

The challenges in the Carrier ecosystem are only growing and we can have an impact on the future of our industry through facilitating industrywide collaboration.

In 2018, our members will continue to work together to drive change. Through our upcoming events, we’ll discuss i3forum’s latest achievements, global strategies and best practices for collaboration and industry transformation.

Our work groups are addressing topics that can create real benefits for i3forum members and the whole industry. The groups are continually sharing recommendations, whitepapers and other reports that support transformation in their given areas.

It’s great to see the progress our work groups are making and the new topics they plan on covering in the future. We want to capture topics where i3forum can create value through collaboration.

A new edition of i3forum events brings new waves of change. In December, we held our first Asia-Pacific (APAC) conference at Capacity Asia where executives from across the telecoms ecosystem came together to discuss the future of the industry. It was a great opportunity to catch-up with existing members and welcome new friends to i3forum and our work groups.

In 2018, we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary at our Annual Conference in Chicago taking place on the last day of ITW on Wednesday May 9th. At the conference, we will update everyone on what i3forum and our members are doing for the industry, and to foster fruitful discussions on the transformation of the industry. We hope you’ll join us there.

Our focus areas for 2018:

  • Increased Participation – We’ll be building momentum and increasing our impact by encouraging new participation and highlighting the value created through collaboration.
  • Growing Membership Globally – In 2018, we’ll be continuing to grow our membership around the world to have a greater influence and drive wide spread positive change.
  • Continued and Growing Collaboration Across the Industry – i3forum and the Global Leaders Forum (GLF) are working together to deliver documents like the anti-fraud code of conduct report to drive change across the industry. In 2018, we’ll continue to collaborate with other bodies to solve new challenges that face the entire Carrier ecosystem.
  • New Recommendations and Valuable Content – Our members and work groups will be working together to create and deliver valuable content that benefits the entire international Carrier ecosystem.
  • Consistent Communications – We believe that communication is critical to supporting innovation in the industry. Our members will continue to deliver practical and tangible results and communicate these across our platform.

i3forum can be a tremendous resource for businesses of all kinds and we want it to be the first place Carriers look when addressing new challenges. We are creating real benefits for members and the entire telecommunications ecosystem.

Our main goal is to help transform the industry for the benefit of all.

If you want to promote industrywide transformation then we encourage you and your organization to get involved with i3forum.

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