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i3forum Update at Capacity Asia 2018

Capacity Asia 2018
04-06 December 2018 | Hong Kong


Last week we held a very successful i3forum session at Capacity Asia, in Hong Kong. Please find attached the presentation made by Christian Michaud, our Vice Chair and Tata’s representative on the Board. Carlos Dasilva, who represents PCCW Global on the Board,  also moderated a panel discussion there, which was very productive.

Many thanks to both of them! And FYI, we are planning to have a speaking slot at Capacity Middle East in March, and of course our Annual Conference at ITW in Atlanta (Wednesday, 2-6pm, at the Hyatt).

Our Technology Workgroup (ex-IMS WG) and Fight Against Fraud WG are making good progress, and the two Industry initiatives we launched (Traffic Database and Numbering Plan data base) are also progressing well, with good traction from the membership.

Many thanks to those of you who are contributing!