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i3forum Insights: 5 Reasons to Join from Day 1

i3forum Insights

Carriers that join i3forum Insights, our comprehensive market database for international Voice services, gain immediate access to data and insights from across our industry. The non-profit solution enables your organisation to plan, price and optimise its approach to the Voice market with rich data. Carriers that join today will be the first to benefit from i3forum Insights’ simple, seamless and collaborative approach to industry data.

Designed and managed by i3forum members, i3forum Insights allows Carriers to compare their traffic data against the anonymised and aggregated data of other global Carriers, giving a better understanding of their position in the market. This data can directly support business and marketing planning, organisational alignment, routing optimisation, pricing, and procurement. We built i3forum Insights as we champion collaboration within the Carrier industry.

i3forum Insights can provide your business with many benefits, including actionable insights, high speed in terms of data comparisons, and a straightforward portal to make viewing, importing and exporting data simple. It also offers secure access to databases with API token authorisation, anonymisation of client data and APIs to push data directly to the database and pull data to create custom reports.


Here are the benefits you can gain from participating from day 1:

  1. Solution design
    ‘Day 1’ Carriers will be able to participate in the design and acceptance of i3forum Insights, which could provide further benefits to your business’ specific needs.
  1. Gain early access
    Participating from day 1 ensures you can use the service from the beginning of 2020, and benefit from data-driven insights and intelligence from the rich Carrier data ecosystem. After launch, Carriers will only be added in batches of two or more in order to protect confidentiality, so joining early will ensure your business has access to the service as soon as possible.
  1. Track core KPIs from the start
    There are three core KPIs being tracked today, with a growing number set to be added to the platform with input from further Carriers. The first KPI includes traffic and revenue data, the second covers quality data including service level (retail vs. wholesale), network-efficiency ratio and roaming support, while the final KPI uses geographic data.
  1. Leverage anonymized data from world-leading Carriers
    6 global Carriers have committed to participate so far, with an additional 8 Carriers at the decision-making stage. If you join today, you will be participating alongside BICS, Orange, Telefónica, BTS, Tata Communications and PCCW Global, as well as other international Carriers. 100% confidentiality is ensured at all times. With participation from such a variety of large players, very reliable information can be gained about key routes, growth and traffic in markets across the globe.
  1. Influence and shape the service into the future
    i3forum Insights is designed by Carriers for Carriers. When Carriers see an opportunity to add new KPIs or features, with consensus we can continue to develop i3forum Insights to meet the needs of the international Carrier community.  Participating Carriers can shape the database’s future and support its long-term evolution.


To benefit from the service, you must agree to contribute data and comply with basic obligations in the contract. The solution is available to all international Carriers, whether or not they are i3forum members.

You can’t optimise your business without accurate and high-quality data, so join today to participate in the database and benefit our industry. You can find all the information on how to register your interest and get started with i3forum Insights here: