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i3forum VoIP and VoIPX Survey: VoIP is More than 50% of Carrier Voice Minutes

VoIP now accounts for more than 50% of total International Long Distance (ILD) traffic, according to a survey conducted by the i3forum, while Voice over IPX (VoIPX) shows triple digit growth.

Our Technology Workgroup recently surveyed a selection of Tier 1 global Carriers on some key KPIs in their Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over IPX (VoIPX) businesses. The report specifically looked to uncover the level and trends of the VoIP and VoIPX ILD market. All results were developed from definitive Carrier data only, and an independent 3rd party collated Carrier responses, ensuring 100% accuracy.

AT&T, BTS, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, PCCW, Tata Communications, Telefónica, Sparkle, TNZI, and Vodafone Carrier Services contributed anonymised data that was compiled by our Technology Workgroup.

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According to the collected data, ILD Voice minutes decreased by 2.5% between 2017 and 2018, from 190.3 billion minutes in 2017 to 185.5 billion minutes in 2018. End-to-End VoIP minutes grew by 25% over the same timeframe, from 78.7 billion minutes to 98.2 billion minutes. It is now 53% of the total ILD shared by participating Carriers, increasing by 12%.

The survey showed the growing role of IPX in international Voice with End-to-End VoIPX growing by 142% between 2017 and 2018. End-to-End VoIPX minutes increased significantly from 2017 to 2018, from 13.8 billion minutes in 2017 to 33.3 billion minutes in 2018. It accounted for 7% of total ILD minutes in 2017 and that grew to 18% in 2018.

The survey shows the changing dynamics in the Voice market and the growth trends that will shape the future of our industry. We hope the results discovered in this survey can be viewed as a benchmark for the Tier 1 organisations who took part in the study and the wider industry as whole.

All data collected was from 2017 and 2018 then divided into overall VoIP (VoIP and VoIPX) and VoIPX only data. Subsequently, it was organised into total ILD Voice minutes terminated, and total End-to-End minutes received from a customer and sent to a supplier.

This study was performed by the i3forum Technology Group, formerly known as the IMS work group. It tackles some of the biggest technical challenges facing the international Carrier community and develop solutions to enable innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

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