Philippe Millet
Christian Michaud (temporary)


  • Completed Proof of Concept
  • Built Morocco POC DB
  • Created pre-production i3forum NP Updates Community SharePoint platform

Scope & objectives

  • i3forum is exploring how it could build and operate, on behalf of the Industry, a comprehensive and operationally relevant Numbering Plan Database – “by the Industry, for the Industry”
  • All International Carriers – and many other stakeholders – depend on accurate, up-to-date information on Numbering Plans for a variety of mission critical activities related to Voice and other services
  • As there is no single reference database available to everyone, most Carriers spend significant resources maintaining their own database as well as they can, and of course it is never perfect
  • The thinking behind the i3forum initiative is that pooling resources and expertise at the Industry level could provide every participating Carrier with better data at a lower cost, driving overall efficiency gains. It would also enable better standardization and synchronization across the Industry, further increasing the benefits

Expertise required

Int’l Wholesale Voice market, numbering plan management, marketing and product management, routing, pricing, billing, anti-fraud…

Way of working

Monthly conference calls, participation in Proof of Concept. Face to Face meeting when required

Membership approval required to participate in i3forum NP Updates Community SharePoint platform


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