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4 Reasons Asian Carriers Should Join i3forum

Across Asia new technologies are reshaping the market. Industry transformation is happening at a great pace and is becoming essential for all players across the international Carrier ecosystem.

According to Microsoft’s Digital Transformation Study in Asia, 80% of business leaders in Asia Pacific believe they need to be a digital business in order to succeed and enable future growth. With transformation at the front and center of the industry, we must address these new challenges and drive change in new areas.

i3forum brings the international Carrier ecosystem together to enable and accelerate transformation. Our members are working together to solve the challenges that face our industry and deliver value across the entire ecosystem.

There are no limits on who can become a member of i3forum. Any organization that believes in collaboration, sharing and having a positive impact on the Carrier ecosystem can join us.

We believe there are 4 key reasons for Asian Carriers to join i3forum:

  1. Bring Your Voice to the Table

By joining i3forum you can bring your voice to the table and help influence new solutions and technologies within the Carrier ecosystem. Executives can take on a leadership role within i3forum and help influence the market locally, regionally and globally.


  1. Lead Work Groups

By becoming a member of i3forum you can be an enabler for transformation by solving the most important challenges in the industry. You can develop and nurture work groups that address issues that matter to you and your organization.


  1. Make Your Vision a Reality

At i3forum, you can make your vision for the future a reality by collaborating with our members and delivering practical and tangible results. You can create and develop recommendations and best practices that have a positive impact for Asian Carriers and the entire ecosystem.


  1. Collaborate to Enable Innovation

You can take part in industry conversation by engaging in our online forums, getting involved in our annual conferences and collaborating with our members through the delivery of valuable, meaningful and actionable materials.

By working together, we can enable industrywide innovation. Join the i3forum if you have a vision for the future and want to work together to make it a reality.

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i3forum will be holding its first ever APAC conference at Capacity Asia on December 13th from 14:00 to 16:30pm at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong. The conference is open to everyone who attends Capacity Asia, i3forum members and non-members alike. It would be great if you can join us there.

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