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Shape the Future of Our Industry: Join an i3forum Work Group

At i3forum, we encourage our members to actively participate in work groups, which cover a range of industry-relevant topics to benefit all members with crucial research.  The groups report directly to the board and are created based on membership input, industry insight and board priorities. Work groups work independently to agree their objectives, timeline and organisation for the September to May work cycle.

Each work group provides useful insights to the Carrier industry on a variety of pivotal topics, helping to keep members updated and provide effective solutions. Being a part of these work groups ensures members can conduct research into particular areas of interest and can work collaboratively to benefit from a wider spectrum of knowledge.

The work groups you can join include:

Fight against fraud

This group provides guidelines to the industry on fraud-related matters from a wholesale Carrier perspective, as well as support to the members on current fraud events.


This group covers an array of technologies to provide the industry with in-depth insights into areas such as: i3f-GSMA documentation alignment, VoLTE interconnection guidelines, Calling Party Number validation, proactive transcoding review, security as forethought for connection, IPX impact in the industry and IPX interconnection setup among operators.

Numbering Plan Initiative

This group is exploring how it could build and operate a comprehensive and operationally relevant Numbering Plan Database – “by the industry, for the industry”. Sharing resources and expertise will provide better data at a lower cost, alongside enabling better standardisation and synchronisation across the industry.

Market Database Initiative

This group is focused on building and operating a comprehensive and operationally relevant Market Database for international voice services – i3forum Insights. This will improve data-driven insights and intelligence in the industry.

When you become a member of the i3forum, individuals from across your organisation can participate in these different work groups alongside other Carriers to share ideas, collaborate and solve challenges.

By bringing different Carriers together to work collaboratively, we can offer a variety of fresh perspectives to innovate and transform our industry further.

If you would like to have an active role in shaping the future of our industry, become a member today: