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i3forum ‘Calling Line Identification (CLI) Spoofing’ Report

The i3forum has released a report outlining how carriers can detect, prevent and mitigate CLI spoofing.

The report, titled ‘Calling Line Identification (CLI) Spoofing’, gives carriers a snapshot of the state of play in CLI spoofing in the whole industry and offers recommendations for limiting its impact on carrier businesses. False CLI has impacted international voice connections for many years as fraudsters manipulate CLI to bypass higher termination rates.

Our report provides a carrier perspective on the handling of CLI spoofing, based on a joint analysis by i3forum’s Technology and Fight Against Fraud work groups. The production of the report became a priority due to the growing trend of origination-based charging, primarily in Europe but also in other regions such as West Africa and East Africa.

Download the report to read:

  • The State of Play in CLI Spoofing
  • A Carrier Definition of CLI Spoofing
  • Industrywide Use Cases
  • Techniques for Combating CLI Spoofing

The report is available to both i3forum members and non-members. Our mission is to support the collaboration of carriers to combat shared challenges. Please download the report and share your thoughts.

The report can be downloaded here in pdf version (or here for Word version)