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i3forum: The People, Processes and Platform to Solve New Challenges

Our market has changed tremendously over the last 10 years and i3forum is changing with it. As the international Carrier ecosystem has grown in scope, our members are collaborating to address new challenges and drive transformation in new areas. At i3forum, we are giving a voice in areas like Unified Communications (UC), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), the Internet of Things (IoT), Voice Fraud and IMS.

We launched i3forum over a decade ago to accelerate the migration from TDM to IP. A critical mass of support from across the international Carrier ecosystem shared a common purpose and was dedicated to get the best possible outcomes for everyone.

Our work supporting the TDM to IP migration showed that we can drive change in our industry. It was exciting to see organizations come together in an open forum, collaborate, and deliver real and practical results.

i3forum has shown that we have the people, the processes and the platform to solve important challenges. Both members and non-members benefitted from our work and it showed the potential of our organization.

That was great to be a part of but there’s more we can do.

Our industry is in the middle of the greatest period of disruption it has ever seen. The international Carrier ecosystem has grown in scope with new technologies, services and models. There’s new complexity but there’s also new opportunities.

With the foundation we’ve built, i3forum members can collaborate to solve new challenges facing our industry and enable and accelerate transformation.

We already have more than 10 active work groups collaborating on challenges related to IMS, NFV, IoT, Voice Fraud and others. i3forum members and work groups come together in an open and inclusive environment to develop, curate and share practical recommendations and best practice in each of these areas. They address these topics because they are what matters to them and their organizations. These are topics where we can create real benefits for members and across the industry.

In the case of Voice Fraud, there’s almost daily engagement where members are working together to identify instances of fraud and find the best path forward when solving disputes. Other work groups are continually sharing recommendations, whitepapers and other reports that support transformation and innovation in their given areas.

The key is that across each of these areas we are taking a holistic approach and looking at technical, operational, and business issues. Our goal is always real outcomes and real benefits.

i3forum members are empowered by a shared purpose and together are shaping the future of our industry. Ultimately, we want i3forum to be a safe space for people from across the international Carrier ecosystem to bring their challenges and collaborate to solve them.

i3forum can be a tremendous resource for businesses of all kinds and we want it to be the first place to look when addressing new challenges. It is really about having a positive and lasting impact and shaping the future of our industry.

If you have a vision for the future and want to work together to make it a reality, we encourage you and your organization to get involved.

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